Hope Perkins has been a painter, crafter and lover of all things obnoxious since she was a small girl in bifocals. Hope attended both Southwest Texas State University and Marchutz School of Art in Aix-en-Provence where she studied painting. Hope hit the Austin art scene with a series of “dead rappers” on thrift store paintings. Since then she has had series involving neon taxidermy and candy colored tiger mask paintings. Her latest series focus’s on color and pattern.
The reoccurring theme in all of Hope’s art is a sense of humor and fun.

Jennifer Perkins came into art later in life. She has been a staple in the Austin craft scene for years with her jewelry company Naughty Secretary Club and as a founding member of The Austin Craft Mafia. She still crafts for a living to do this day. Though Jennifer has been wielding a glue gun for years a paint brush came into her hand later. Much like her sister Jennifer has an eclectic and colorful style about her work. Within her mixed media art you may find not only paint but also hair curlers, vintage jewelry parts, scrapbooking ribbon, giant yarn pompoms and more. Jennifer has found a way to combine her new found love of painting with her long time love of crafting

Join us for an opening reception. Snacks and libations provided. Thursday, June 18at 6:00pm at Circa 13 – 2700 W Anderson Ln Suite 409, Austin, Texas