July 2019

North Loop: Ben Lance

Anderson Lane: Eileen McKeon Butt

Eileen McKeon Butt is an Austin, TX-based contemporary artist whose diverse styles of artwork range from dynamic science images to expressive abstract painting, as well as portraiture. Depicting the inner character and energy of her subjects is what motivates her – whether the subject is a still life, a portrait, or scientific phenomena.  She is an international citizen who is inspired by people and places from all over the world, and is equally at home in the West or the East. She is an award-winning science artist, whose work has been featured at Art Science Gallery in Austin, TX.  She has studied art at Moore College of Art in Philadelphia, PA, the Austin Museum of Art School, and Art + Academy in Austin, TX, where she has also been a teacher. She is a member of the International Association of Astronomical Artists, the SciArt Center of NY, the Creative Arts Society of Austin, and a member of the Austin Visual Arts Association.

Far West: Karla Dolnick Newton 

Abstract Modern Art / Austin, Texas

I have been designing, doodling or painting since I could first hold a pencil in my hand as a child.  I graduated from Indiana University in Art History/Studio Arts and East Asian Studies and have worked primarily in acrylic and collage on canvas, but recently exploring wood panels for love of a variety of textures.  I work almost entirely to music and the emphasis on the process of closely  following the music, not adhering to a premeditated plan or sketch.  I am mostly inspired by nature, meditation and travel, all of which are very important to me in my life. For me, color takes priority over form and composition.  In addition to canvas and panel works, I have also enjoyed painting everyday functional objects such as frames, tables, chairs and mirrors.
I grew up in Bloomington, Indiana and have also lived in Illinois, Oregon, France, and Austin,  Texas for the last 17 years.  I am  married and have two children.